Thomas Adocker

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Thomas Adocker was born 1976 in Vienna. After having finished Commercial College, he studied Law at the Law School of Vienna University and graduated in 2000. After that, he attended the Summer Term at the Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, USA. After he came back from Miami University, he served nine months of court practice.
In 2001, Thomas Adocker began his professional career as a lawyer. From 2001 until 2005, he worked as associate for the law firm Engin-Deniz. He specialized on IP Law, esp. Patent Law, Life Sciences and Pharmaceutical Law. In 2006, after he passed the bar exam, he became partner in the new law firm Schwarz Schönherr.
Today, Thomas Adocker leads the Team of Schwarz Schönherr in the fields of Patent Law, Life Sciences and Pharmaceutical Law. He has profound experience in litigation matters as well as in non-contentious and in licensing matters. He regularly publishes articles among different judicial questions and decisions with regard to the mentioned fields. Furthermore, he is, as representative of the Austrian Bar Association, member of the Austrian Biopatent Monitoring Committee, which monitors and discusses the implementation of the EU Biopatent Directive. He is member of LES Austria as well as of AIPPI, GRUR and VPP. Since beginning of 2011, he is national contributor of LES Austria for the Blue Pages in the Les Nouvelles.