International Technology Transfer – Licensing and ADR

28th November 2017 – h.9.30 / 18.00 | Milano, Italy

Organized by LES Italy together with the WIPO Arbitration and Mediation Center, the conference aims to bring together European and international LES speakers from industry, research organizations and legal practice to present their extensive experience at the frontline of IP licensing and technology transfer in different fields (mechanical, sport goods, internet of things ect.); it also promotes the understanding of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) options in international IP and in particular technology licensing disputes.
The format of the Conference consists of stand-alone presentations by the speakers, with Q&A opportunities and a simulated mediation case study in the licensing field. After the conference, participants will have a better understanding of the contractual framework and best practices in technology-based transactions and collaborations, as well as the benefits and limitations of ADR in IP disputes as compared to other resolutions options, such as court litigation. In addition, they will obtain practical information about the role of the WIPO Center in ADR proceedings, the WIPO Rules and WIPO model clauses.
The conference will be held in English.
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